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Community Causes

Giving young women an equal chance


Rev’Elles was created to help young girls from French low-income neighborhoods navigate modern society, especially the corporate world. By setting up tailored programs and partnering with “inspirational role models”, Rev’Elles aims to empower young girls, increase their self-confidence and give them the right tools to navigate society.

Rev’Elles wants each and every girl to have the opportunity to dream big and see past social, territorial, and gendered barriers. In the past seven years, the organization has helped 700 young girls finding their own path and gaining their power back. More than 89% of alumni of its programs admit they feel better, on a personal level, and more than 95% confirmed that they were able to better define their professional project.

Why It Matters:

It can be hard for people from low-income neighborhoods to find their place into modern society due to lack of social equality. But for young girls, the lack of gender equality just adds to the long list of existing social challenges. Lack of representation tends to establish both real and psychological barriers that prohibit young women from dreaming big.

To achieve inclusion in corporate world, we first need to get equality of chances, and to do so, we also need equality of dreams.

“It is crucial to give power back to these young girls so they can reveal their full potential and have the courage to be who they want to be.” Tatiana Vieira, Senior Account Manager, LEWIS Paris.

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