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Richard House Children’s Hospice





Richard House Children’s Hospice provides palliative care to children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions across London. It is a medical caregiving approach aimed at optimizing the quality of life and mitigating suffering among children with serious and complex illnesses. From the moment a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting, life-threatening or complex health condition everything changes. These changes affect the whole family, which is why it is vital not only to provide care to the child but to support the whole family and to help families choose when, where and how they receive care. Their vision is for communities to have space where they can journey together to create memories of living and dying.

Why it matters

Watching parents struggling to look after their seriously ill children and not being able to help them in a professional way is heartbreaking. Charities like Richard House Children’s Hospice gives both ill children and their parents the support they need. Every day is a fight for those people. None of the children deserve to suffer as much as they do. We should do all we can to make their life as happy as possible and support the people who look after those children and parents on a daily basis. LEWIS is proud to support Richard House Children’s Hospice as part of its Causes program.

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