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Samaritans of Singapore





Community Causes

Providing help and support to people with mental health issues.


Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)’s core mission is to be an available lifeline to anyone in crisis. They do this by providing a 24-hour hotline to talk to anyone personally seeking help or someone looking for help for someone else. This also extends to outreach goals to destigmatize the topic of depression and suicide in society.

Why It Matters:

Having lost his mother to suicide 10 years ago due to depression, Prinsten, Account Manager at LEWIS Singapore, went through the emotional struggles that come with losing a loved one, having to pick himself up through the years that followed. The topic of suicide is taboo, and the traumatic effects of such an incident can adversely affect the emotional and mental state of those who are left behind. Having gone through this journey himself, Prinsten hopes that this contribution will help to improve the mental health of more people in Singapore – whether it is a friend, family, colleague or a stranger. Prinsten believes anyone is susceptible to mental illness and sometimes a listening ear is all a person needs. During these challenging times, mental health is an even more important issue to address in our society.

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