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Saved By the Ball





Saved By The Ball (SBB) works with youths of Malawi, giving them access to the necessary support and resources through sports, education, children’s rights, health and sanitation and economic empowerment. SBB aims to mobilize and support vulnerable youths and children at the grassroots level with knowledge and skills in the sporting discipline of tennis and other options that can trigger positive change and help them realise their full potential.

Why it matters

Easy access to education, sports, and health services are just some of the things that we often take for granted. After speaking to former tennis teacher, Egon, about the initiatives driven by SBB Malawi, LEWIS employee Patrizia Fauster realized how sports have the power to inspire and empower kids.

“Sports can show kids what they can achieve with dedication, ambition and hard work if they take their lives into their own hands. Once it is possible again, I would like to contribute as a volunteer and help these kids through language and tennis lessons.”

LEWIS is proud to support SBB as part of its Causes program.

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