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Schneider Hof





Originally a traditional farm until 1995, the Schneider Hof now operates as an animal sanctuary. It welcomed its first rescue animal, Lotti, in September 2014 and has since made it its mission to provide all animals that would have otherwise died in slaughter, a loving environment to live freely until its natural death. The Schneider Hof’s owners have transformed its once disused farm into a lively sanctuary with plenty of space for its animals through renovations and upgrading.

It is currently home to 46 animals that live in six stables and four pastures. Schneider Hof is opened to visitors to interact with its animals and welcomes donations in the form of animal feeds and financial support used to purchase feed, vet treatments, and to maintain and improve its facilities.

Why It Matters

Since coming to know about the Schneider Hof and seeing how it has rescued animals from inhumane conditions and slaughter, TEAM LEWIS employee Julia Hock made the decision to go vegetarian.

Not all animals are killed for food – there are many that are put down simply because they are sick or are not ‘perfect’ to humans, such as horses that are bred to race but do not meet certain standards. But these animals deserve to live, just like humans deserve to live. This is why the Schneider Hof is such a great cause. All animals deserve a happy life in freedom, no matter their condition. Even in their last days, they deserve to be treated with care until their natural death. At the Schneider Hof, all animals live in freedom and get the love they truly deserve.

– Julia Hock, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at TEAM LEWIS

Image Credit: Schneider Hof 

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