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Sharp NEC Display Solutions




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Sharp NEC Display Solutions


Sharp NEC Display Solutions (formerly NEC Display Solutions) wanted to build a market leader position within the professional displays and projectors industry. The company

The company was supported by a mix of agencies across EMEA with no true centralization of efforts, which was causing inefficiencies and a lack of consistency.

It appointed LEWIS in 2011 to become the EMEA lead agency – develop the campaign strategy, creative ideas & content, define KPIs, coordinate efforts across the region, and analyze outcomes.



Our strategy included the development of a unique narrative and messages (with strong proof points) to help NEC Display Solutions Europe (newly formed Sharp/NEC) articulate a strong story and showcase its value and difference. We also conducted regular newshound sessions with NEC experts to get field insights and turn these into highly relevant and targeted content for each audience group. Our toolkits equipped local country teams with relevant content to promote key verticals and show thought leadership.

Our scope also included the development of the whole social media strategy, channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and content, including engagement with NEC customers, partners, influencers, and staff. We’ve continuously come up with fresh and creative content to grow the channels and increase engagement.

LEWIS has also been supporting NEC at ISE for a few years. Our activities included teasing activities pre-event and engaging content such as live polls, live interviews, guided tours, and engagement with our audiences during the event, including partners and media. LEWIS supported on-site with the production of photos/videos and live social content.

LEWIS developed an analytical dashboard to track success in real-time across the region. The dashboard provides the NEC marketing and sales teams with useful insights such as key messages picked up, or growth and engagement on the social media channels.



Year-on-year the campaign evolved from a traditional PR approach towards a fully integrated strategic campaign supporting the NEC business and sales. This translated to consistent messaging and content across all channels and markets and shaping the industry conversations through social media activity and engagement.

Thought leadership share of coverage increased year-on-year from 5% at the outset to 20% today.

Reached a LinkedIn engagement rate of 4.32% (vs. a target of 3.5%) and a Twitter engagement rate of 1.43% (vs. a target of 0.3%) this financial year to date.

For ISE only, we increased the impressions by 20% in 2019 compared to 2018 and engagement by 12% year-on-year in the same period and increased the number of visitors to the booth as a result. The stand was elected ‘ISE Stand Winner’ by Best of ISE rAVe Awards in 2019.

  • Most retweeted social media user
  • Most user mentions
  • Most retweets out of all companies at ISe

Higher campaign agility brought by analytical dashboard allowing NEC to get real-time campaign insights (PR and Social) and adapt approach.

Announced on the 2nd of November 2020, Sharp Corporation and NEC Corporation have completed the transaction to form a joint venture by Sharp acquiring 66% of shares for NEC Display Solutions Ltd. (NDS), a subsidiary of NEC. As a result of the acquisition, NEC Display Solutions became a subsidiary of Sharp and the joint venture has been renamed Sharp NEC Display Solutions (SNDS).


Client quote:

“LEWIS has been an extension of my communications team for ten years now. Their Global Hub team supports me with messaging and content creation, campaign ideas, social media activities, campaign measurement and much more. Through this centralised model, we can deliver strong and fast content to the local market teams and avoid duplication of efforts. LEWIS also supports us in Germany and Spain, and delivers great results! The agency is able to adapt to our fast-moving industry and flesh out recommendations on new approaches and innovative tactics that support our business. Today, we run a true integrated communications programme including a mix of tactics ranging from PR, digital and marketing and having one agency manage the whole programme is definitely much easier!”

Ann Kjellser, PR Manager EMEA, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe

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