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Siaf e.v.





Community Causes

Fighting for Equality and Supporting Single Mothers


Since the formation of Siaf e.v. in 1985, the charity has been supporting women and single mothers with various services. The experienced local team from diverse backgrounds including; social teachers, therapists and many others to ensure full support in any situation, whether that be parenting, psychological or legal. Their different programs include alfa_m for single mothers, café glanz for women, and allfa_beta, which is the first and, so far, the only program of its kind in Germany. It offers single mothers with disabled children the chance to connect with other women in similar situations as well as receive support from social education workers. As well as reaching equality and the implementation of women’s rights, the primary goal of Siaf e.v. is to give women the possibility to design their own life path.

Why it matters:

Continuing work that is based on coming together and connecting has been particularly challenging over the past year. The global pandemic and the resulting restrictions made it difficult for the team to keep offering the lineup. In general, women, as well as single mothers, were confronted with new challenges too. From a rise in violence against women to homeschooling and guiding their (disabled) children. The encompassing services Siaf e.v. provides and their underlying professional network are urgently needed and funded by donations.


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