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Siemens PLM Software





Case Study, Consulenza Strategica, Interviste, PR, Relazioni Pubbliche, Ufficio Stampa

Siemens PLM Software

The collaboration between TEAM LEWIS and Siemens began in 2005 and is still active despite changes within the marketing department.



When UGS was acquired by Siemens (becoming Siemens PLM Software), TEAM LEWIS supported the company in managing the communication of this important milestone. The goal was, and continues to be, to strengthen the company’s leadership position in the Italian market by focusing on vertical sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, aerospace and machinery.



To achieve these goals, TEAM LEWIS leveraged Siemens’ expertise and thought leadership across case studies, byline articles, interviews and participation in editorial specials.

Since the campaign began, TEAM LEWIS has helped generate more than 3,200 articles. Most of these articles appeared in Siemens’ industry verticals. Despite Siemens’ EMEA HQ ruling out business and financial publications, this restriction didn’t frighten us. Instead, it stimulated us to find and explore new, alternative approaches.


3,200 clippings

Start of collaboration: 2005 and still ongoing

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