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Breaking through a noisy newscycle


When the coronavirus started to spread across the globe and pick up steam in early March, it forced many companies to pivot and rethink their external communications strategy. For Snagajob, the largest marketplace for hourly and shift work, we needed to find a way to become a part of the conversation without sounding self-serving. This was a truly unique opportunity to provide insight around the impact the pandemic is having on the hourly workforce, while also providing actual resources and tools to help people find work.


The team leveraged the CEO to be the voice for hourly workers and a go-to resource for media on trends related to hourly jobs. We recommended Snagajob tap into their robust data repository to examine trends and share proprietary data around industries that were seeing job growth, industries that were impacted and those that were hiring. As a result, Snagajob developed a Weekly Hourly Hiring Report that came out each Tuesday with insight on jobs across industries, trends on job postings, how hiring looked like across America, and how people were searching for work. In addition, they took weekly surveys of the millions of workers on their platform to understand their challenges, pain points, and concerns around finding work and working during COVID.

Leveraging the data and the rapidly changing newscycle, the team worked to get ahead of the storylines and offer the CEO as an expert source on what this meant at the moment and what was coming up next.


  • 70+ articles between March-June 2020 in a mix of national and local broadcast, business, tech and trade media
  • 21 CEO interviews with outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes, Fox Business, New York Times, NBC News and more
  • 7 broadcast interviews with NBC News, Fox Business and local stations in San Francisco, Richmond, Las Vegas, New York and Pittsburgh
  • 565 million impressions
  • Exceeded coverage goals by 233%
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