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LEWIS SofaHost


Today, the market is flooded with cheap seats. The threshold to purchase is relatively low. Therefore, it is not surprising that quite a few consumers regret their purchase within two months. Why? Because they did not buy what they were really looking for: a sofa. Not a place to just sit, but a real sofa.

The renowned company, Bru Textiles, launched the SofaHost concept this year with the help of LEWIS: a unique pilot project that revolutionizes the marketing of sofas. Because a sofa is not just a piece of furniture, a sofa is used for sitting, drinking, crying, kissing, working, laughing and more.


SofaHost created a platform for people to buy quality craftsmanship at a fair price and promote it among friends and family. Thanks to an interesting commission system (10% on each reference), it is also motivating to be part of a revolution in the fair trade of sofas.

The PR angle was the innovative hosting system, a disruptive model within the traditional go-to-market and the easy-clean aspect of the fabric used to cover the sofa. The challenge was to turn a new, unknown brand into a permanent fixture in the furniture industry within six months.

LEWIS did not shy away from this challenge and provided appropriate PR support for six months. For this project, we used both traditional PR tools and the power of Flemish celebrities and influencers. A message was sent out 1:1 to good media contacts in both general news and lifestyle media. As well as this, nine successful collaborations were set up to create buzz on social media.

The strength of the entire project lay in a network of core contacts. This allowed us to move quickly and pitch in a targeted manner. There was a good balance between owned, earned and paid media. In the end, we worked together with four companies and five influencers. The fair-trade seats were delivered personally, and the easy cleanable fabric was demonstrated by SofaHost. This created a nice buzz on social media and resulted in great results in both general media and social media.



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