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Sorridere al Diabete aims to promote and support care for young people with diabetes. The charity focuses on raising public awareness in order to ensure care and improve the quality of life and therapy. It also promotes and supports scientific research on juvenile diabetes in order to try to find a definitive solution to the problem. Education and helping young people with diabetes and their families to cope with everyday problems through practical training and information is also a key activity for Sorridere al Diabete.

Why it matters

Sorridere al Diabete was founded for the classmate and best friend of LEWIS team member Michela Carrara’s child. After his diagnosis, teachers and the whole class came together to support him. The teachers at school explained everything to his classmates and the whole class is aware and very responsible; they all take turns to help the teachers to do the blood glucose test, give candies, etc. It is wonderful to see such small children becoming so responsible in the face of illness, and Sorridere al Diabete allows other young people living with diabetes to receive proper care and support.

LEWIS is proud to support Sorridere al Diabete through its Causes program.

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