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SOS Voz Amiga





Community Causes

There for people suffering in silence


The Association SOS Voz Amiga is a private institution of social solidarity, providing emotional support specialists by phone in acute situations of suffering caused by loneliness, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention.
The service is provided by unpaid, anonymous volunteers with appropriate training and experience. The appellants benefit from a genuine human relationship based on listening without judgment. Support is entirely confidential.

Why It Matters

Mental health is often still taboo today. Ignored by some and devalued by many, anxiety, stress and mood disorders are types of psychiatric illnesses present in more than 20% of the Portuguese population. With the confinement due to the COVID-19, these numbers have gone up.

SOS VOZ AMIGA comes to give a little help to those who have no way to overcome their problems. Many people find it difficult to communicate with their family and friends about their psychological state. It is this reality that led to the mission of this support line; to help those suffering from loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

‘This service is there to support those who cannot afford to consult a health professional. From pre-teens to the elderly, this association is available and free of charge to help all those who need it. So, I identify myself with the cause and I am proud that we at LEWIS are able to help this association.’ Bruno Palma, Graphic Designer, LEWIS Lisbon. 

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