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Sportpaten: Mind and Move





Community Causes

Strengthening through sport


Project Sportpaten supports children through physical activities to strengthen and promote their motor, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities. Their mission is to give every child the same opportunities in their development.

Sportpaten integrates development goals of education, volunteer work, and business experience, working to give young people the chance to discover and develop their strengths.

Through Sportpaten, young people develop their personal skills, like self-awareness, confidence, and motivation, as well as gaining more practical experience in fitness, education, and training. These are all essential skills for successful development and eventual integration into society.

Why It Matters:

Children need somebody and a cause they can look up to. But oftentimes young people are not able to access resources to help them due to family, political, cultural or environmental circumstances. Sportpaten provides young people with these role models and sponsorships to enable children to strengthen themselves and eventually contribute to society in a positive way.  

‘As a former athlete and kids coach, I know the positive effects that sports can have on children. Regardless of their social background or physical conditions, sports strengthen their own responsibility in a special way.’ – Maren Silies, SAE, TEAM LEWIS Dusseldorf. 


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