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Stichting Be Aware





Community Causes

Raising Awareness Surrounding Addiction.


Stichting Be Aware aims to improve resilience and stop young people from developing addictions. They do this by making young people, parents, and educators aware of the choices they have in life surrounding habits and addictions and the consequences of those choices. Over the next 5 years, Stichting Be Aware aims to educate 75,000 students across the Netherlands with knowledge of how addictions arise, how behaviors can change and the signs to look out for, and what individuals can do to prevent themselves from developing an addiction. Stichting Be Aware also offers addiction workshops focused on common issues including alcohol, drugs, smoking, social media, and gaming alongside teacher training courses.

Why It Matters:

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects all people, from all backgrounds, and it is becoming more and more common. That is why it is so important to ensure young people are sufficiently educated about the dangers of addiction. It is equally as valuable for young people, parents, and teachers to have a good understanding of what the signs and symptoms are, and who, and what can help those struggling with addiction.

TEAM LEWIS is dedicated to the fight against addiction and supports Stichting Be Aware through its Cause Program. 

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