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The ‘Fonds Gezond Geboren’ was created by gynecologists Prof. Eric Steegers and Dr. Niek Exalto. The aim of the fund is to enable more research and knowledge in the field of obstetrics and neonatology so that more babies can be born healthy. In 2019, the Strong Babies initiative started as a platform for the activities of Fonds Gezond Geboren. They help fund this medical scientific research and focus on better detection and treatment of diseases and disorders to prevent mortality before, during, and immediately after birth.

Founded in 2014, by birth care professionals, Fonds Gezond Geboren has built up a great deal of experience in raising funds and spending them on scientific research and co-funding projects aimed at giving more babies a healthy start in life. The donation organization behind Fonds Gezond Geboren, is Strong Babies. Strong Babies has the ambition to reduce both mortality and morbidity of infants by 30% by 2030. It hopes to give more babies a chance for a healthy start to their lives.

Why It Matters:

Every day 450 babies are born in The Netherlands. And every day more than three babies die as a result of growth restriction, premature birth or a congenital defect.No parent should have to experience this pain.

It is important to draw attention to this issue to encourage more people to help reduce the number of premature births by donating to causes like this one.

‘This charity appeals to me on a personal level because I was a premature baby myself and my parents experienced a lot of stress in the early days of my birth. Expanding a family with a child should be a beautiful experience, not a stressful and distressing one. That is why I think it is so important to donate to charities like Strong Babies, in the hopes that even the smallest donation will help prevent premature births and the death of newborns’. – Nicole Stevens, Account Executive, TEAM LEWIS Eindhoven.

If you would like to find out more about Strong Babies, or make a donation, click here.

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