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Sunweb CO2 compensation programme


Every time you go on vacation, take a plane trip, stay in a hotel or take a bus ride, CO2 is emitted. As a travel company, Sunweb Group believes it is their responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. This means that when you buy a package holiday from Sunweb, they calculate the CO2 emissions of your trip and then finance projects that reduce the same amount of CO2 emissions.

This program truly deserved recognition, which is why Sunweb asked LEWIS to generate as much media attention as possible. A large-scale media outreach strategy was deployed in the Netherlands and Belgium.



In the first week of the launch of Sunweb’s CO2 compensation program, LEWIS secured several national radio items, interviews with spokespersons in national newspapers, and articles in vertical and business magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium. A great achievement to make Sunweb Group known as one of the first major travel organizations to make all package holidays CO2 neutral to help its customers travel more sustainably.



Total reach of 33,472,122

31 articles in the Netherlands with a reach of 21,924,939

22 articles in Belgium with a reach of 11,547183

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