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The Animal Pad


San Diego


Because every dog deserves a loving, forever home


As a non-profit, all breed dog rescue that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico, The Animal Pad’s goal is to build, operate and maintain a no-kill animal sanctuary and help others who would like to create a similar shelter in other cities across the US. The Animal Pad rescues dogs from all over San Diego, Southern California and Mexico.

Starting about 10 years ago, The Animal Pad began their efforts by taking care of Mexican street dogs and have since grown into a large rescue network in Baja, with a sister shelter in Ensenada. The Animal Pad provides veterinary services for captured dogs, which can range anywhere from a simple checkup to treating life threatening injuries and surgeries.

This non-profit saved more than 250 dogs and 187 adoptions in just two months, March – April 2020, thanks to the increase in volunteers (doubling to 90) and those who are working remotely to take on a fostering role. They also received 1,000 adoption applications in that short time, matching all of 2019’s number. In 2019, the organization rescued 318 dogs in total and they beat that total within 4 months.

Why It Matters

Most LEWIS employees have pets in their everyday lives and view them as important members of their families. Therefore, it was an easy decision for LEWIS to support The Animal Pad through its causes program. Many of our employees have witnessed pets being treated unfairly and are passional about providing the love and attention they deserve.

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