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The Hidden Genius Project


San Francisco



Community Causes

Training & mentoring Black male youth in tech


The Hidden Genius Project trains and mentors Black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.

The Hidden Genius Project was founded in 2012 by five Black male entrepreneurs/technologists who were unnerved by the dramatic juxtaposition between the high unemployment of Black male youth and the plethora of career opportunities within the local technology sector. To address this challenge, the founders established a program to connect young Black males with the skills, mentors, and experiences that they need to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists in a 21st century, global economy

Why It Matter

More young Black men face societal stigma as “threats” than as future success stories. LEWIS is proud to support The Hidden Genius Project and its work to address the high unemployment of Black male youth by providing training, mentorship, and career access into local technology sectors.

I acknowledge my inherited privilege that set me up for a career in the Bay Area tech industry. I’m impressed by THGP’s sustainable model of building skills and enabling access for a population that has more barriers than bridges to similar opportunities.

– Kyle Buetzow, Managing Director at LEWIS

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