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The Izzy Wilson Smile Fund





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Putting a smile on children's faces...


The Izzy Wilson Fund, based in St. George’s Hospital in South West London, has a simple ambition: to make a child’s stay in hospital as happy an experience as possible.

Izzy Wilson was a charming and bright 11-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in February 2019. Tragically, following complications, Izzy suffered a stroke shortly after she left the hospital. But what Izzy achieved in her time is nothing short of inspirational.

Izzy spent nine weeks in hospital, where she received fantastic care from the outstanding team of doctors and nurses. After thinking through her own experience her heart became set on how she could help and support other children throughout the scary experience of being admitted into the hospital.

While in the process of discussing the practicalities of how that could be achieved Izzy tragically contracted a virus to which she lost her life.

The Izzy Wilson Smile Fund was set up in Izzy’s memory to honor her ambition and fulfill her intentions.

St George’s Hospital has a long history of being the main provider of specialist children’s health care services to children across southwest London and beyond. St George’s Hospital Charity supports our young patients in various ways – from transforming the hospital environment, providing the latest medical equipment, supporting families, as well as providing a wide range of child-friendly activities from music to art to brighten long and unfamiliar days in the hospital.

Why It Matters:

The hospital is also supporting a Children’s Appeal this year, focused on improving the hospital environment to reflect the outstanding care offered by St George’s staff. This includes the children’s wards, paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), and wider children’s healthcare services. One element of this appeal is the Izzy Wilson Fund.

This donation from TEAM LEWIS will go towards creating a more welcoming and child-friendly environment and provide a range of child-friendly activities to brighten the children’s stay in the hospital.

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