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The Lost Food Project


Kuala Lumpur



Community Causes

Putting a stop to waste and giving vulnerable people access to nutritious food.


The Lost Food Project exists to rescue edible and nutritious food, before it is disposed of into landfill, and distribute it to charities and B40 communities that are most in need within Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. This initiative also addresses the devastating environmental consequences of food overproduction and waste, as well as helping the community from hunger.

When the pandemic hit, many households were impacted. Some suffered from unemployment and income loss. This highlighted the plight of the underprivileged communities struggling to put food on the table. Many of them could not afford a proper meal, some had to eat less in order to save money for other expenses such as rental or education.

Why it matters:

During these uncertain times, having strong immune systems is vital to keep us in good health. By having proper nutritious meal, we can reduce the risk of falling Ill. This is exceptionally important for children, expectant mothers and the elderly who need adequate nutritious meals to build immunity.

The situation also impacted local producers, as the government placed an interstate travel ban. This made it especially challenging for farmers to get their produce across leading to overproduction and food wastage. For example, farmers in Cameron Highlands were forced to discard freshly harvested produce as there was no means of transport.

By partnering with The Lost Food Project, we can redistribute unwanted but edible food to the communities in need. Click here for more info: ‘Feed the hungry, Not the landfill’

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