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The Nelune Foundation





Community Causes

Supporting cancer patients and their loved ones.


The Foundation supports cancer patients of all ages and their families in coping with the impact of the illness. The NELUNE Foundation supports patients with the delivery of care services at a number of hospitals around Sydney, Australia. With the continuing support of the community and like-minded organizations, the NELUNE Foundation aims to further expand services to regional NSW, Victoria, and Queensland in order to offer equality of care and support to all Australian cancer patients.

Why It Matters

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, funding for charitable organizations has been significantly impacted and not for the better. While attention turns towards a vaccine for COVID-19, cancer still continues to be a leading cause of death with survival rates reportedly remaining unchanged over the last 20 years.

Extra support is needed beyond just medical aid. The NELUNE Foundation provides services including transport, professional psychological support, cancer care coordinators, and post-operative medical aids.

LEWIS is proud to be able to support the NELUNE Foundation as they deliver specialized counseling and support aimed at alleviating the challenges cancer patients and their families experience throughout the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and beyond.

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