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The Rise Collective





Community Causes

Know Your Power, Amplify Your Voice & Own Your Future


Founded in 2016, the RISE Collective runs skills development and self-expression projects, produce inspirational live events, podcasts, offer mentorship, training, work experience, and employment and networking opportunities for marginalized young people. Their goal is to build autonomous collectives of young people who have ownership of their lives and whose voices are at the forefront of social change. At the heart of the RISE Collective is a growing collective of passionate and talented young people who influence and help run the organization on all levels, through governance, consultation, design, and delivery.  Their projects have all been co-designed to be replicable and scalable – with a view to these being delivered by trained young people in the future, in and beyond London.

Why it Matters:

Spending on youth services in England has been cut by up to 70% over the last decade. We at TEAM LEWIS know that the need for spaces and resources that support our young people and offer opportunities that develop their skills, strengthen their autonomy and enrich their lives is as great as ever.  TEAM LEWIS believes that backing grassroots projects like the RISE Collective guarantees that the right support goes directly to where it’s needed. Because the RISE Collective’s projects have all been co-designed with young people to be replicable and scalable, support from TEAM LEWIS would amplify their message and give them more tools to help young people around the country.

“I first went to a Rise Collective event in 2018 as my friend Mahla had recently set up a charity and I wanted to support her. I went with a couple of friends from TEAM LEWIS not knowing what to expect. we were surprised to find a mix of young performers that ranged from the brilliant to the bizarre. The passion and creativity on display was evident, as was the energy the artists got while performing. I didn’t know much about Mahla’s work before then but I took an interest after that, speaking with her I was impressed with her experience working with young people and how it has shaped her personal philosophy on giving back. Starting her own charity meant Mahla could put into practice everything she has learned over the two decades of young adult social care. When I found out about TEAM LEWIS Foundation’s local charity initiative I knew that our support would have real tangible benefits for the Rise Collective and the people they help.” Tristan Blackburn, Developer, TEAM LEWIS London.

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