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The Smile of Arran Trust





Community Causes

Making a difference to the lives of children with brain tumours


The Smile of Arran Trust was set up in memory of an extraordinary and inspiring young man called Arran Tosh who lost his life to a brain tumour at the age of 13. From research and therapy to financial and emotional support, the charity is dedicated to helping children and their families whose lives are affected by a brain tumour.

Working alongside The Brain Tumour Charity, The Smile of Arran Trust helps and supports pioneering research to find new treatments and improve understanding and increase survival rates. Elsewhere, and in addition to supporting research activities, the charity also works with a local hospital trust to provide music therapy on its children’s wards. This has proven to be an extremely important initiative at Addenbrooke’s hospital in helping aid the recovery of children and in supporting the development of children with special needs.

Why It Matters:

Today, brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. And unlike most other cancers, incidences and deaths from brain tumours are increasing. In a large percentage of cases, survivors have life-altering disabilities. The impact on children and their families is huge.

Like many local charities, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected its ability to raise funds. Sadly, the 2020 Smile music festival had to be cancelled. It needs support more than ever to continue its great work.

The Smile of Arran Trust is a truly local charity. Fundraising activities range from the Smile music festival to primary school cake sales and sponsored walks. Its volunteers work tirelessly to help and support families they will probably never have the opportunity to meet. LEWIS is proud to support The Smile of Arran Trust and its volunteers as part of its Causes program.

“The Smile of Arran Trust is a great example of a local community coming together to help others. In the current climate, this feels more important than ever.” Ben Lawrence, Director and Content Strategist, LEWIS London.

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