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Umbrella Dementia Cafes





Community Causes

Empowering and improving the lives of dementia patients.


Umbrella Dementia Cafes aims to empower and improve the lives of not only patients with dementia but the wider community living with dementia. Through education, the charity works to increase awareness of the disease, addressing the stigmas, providing accessible information, and reaching out to local businesses and community stakeholders. Umbrella Dementia Cafe believes that connection in the community is a key piece in the puzzle.

Why It Matters

Nathan Brincau, Account Manager at LEWIS Sydney, knows the reality of a loved one that suffers from dementia. Nathan’s grandfather suffers from dementia, and the disease has taken a huge toll on his entire family.  

Growing up, he remembers his grandad always doing something; if he wasn’t at work, he would be in his personal workshop at home building something or doing something in the garden. Today, he is completely dependent on others. Dementia sees you slowly and painfully say goodbye to someone you love. It is a brutal reality. Regardless of how often you see your loved ones, you always miss them. 

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