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Vision25 is passionate about helping young adults in Stockton-on-Tees realise their potential and build self-worth. It offers a meaningful option for young people living with a disability, aged 19 plus, for whom full-time schooling is no longer an option. Vision25 is driven by an ultimate goal; for all young adults to be as independent as possible by fully including them in all aspects of the community. Its aims are to promote independence through a ‘Developing Skills for Life’ programme. This allows young adults to participate in work experience and volunteering to gain valuable work skills, and integrates members into the local community and wider communities as much as possible to promote social inclusion, health and well-being.

Why it matters

It’s a little-known hole in the UK education system that young adults living with disabilities fall through the net from the age of 19 – they are then only entitled to three full days of school per week. That’s where charities like Vision25 come in. Now, as the number of local young adults leaving school grows, the charity is being stretched thin. Vision25 supports dozens of local families – many of whom don’t have the option of quitting jobs or cutting down their hours to accommodate the change in schooling. Giving Vision25 a funding boost – and help securing long-term, sustainable fundraising – means they can provide their incredible, life-changing services to more families, more days of the week.

LEWIS is proud to support Vision25 through its Causes program.

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