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Vitrex is a fresh and lively modern water brand that emphasizes its Black Forest origin as a special feature. LEWIS managed the social channels (Facebook and Instagram) of Schwarzwald-Sprudel GmbH, the company behind the brand Vitrex and a subsidiary of Edeka Südwest. In addition to the administration of these channels, we also take care of content marketing and community management.



As part of a new campaign, LEWIS was tasked with developing fresh and individual image ideas for a photo shoot. These images needed to strengthen the brand essence and bring it closer to the social media audience.



How do we bring the Black Forest into our Munich photo studio?

To achieve the objectives, we decided to photograph Vitrex bottles against a Black Forest backdrop. We created the vision in our Munich photo studio through a combination of origami and natural materials from the forest (twigs, stones, and moss). The result is a modern and imaginative composition with colorful eye-catchers, in which the Vitrex bottle is always the center of attention. With every visual created, brand origin and values have been carefully considered.

Sometimes the Vitrex bottle is enthroned above the dark Black Forest, sometimes it is located at a dreamy lake. Butterflies flutter around the flavored water of the Vitrex cherry, and elsewhere a fox sneaks into the territory of the Vitrex peach. The elements always match the taste and the color of the bottle.

These colorful forest shots were gradually released and offered an entertaining variety to Vitrex’s regular social content. They even became a social media highlight:


Schwarzwaldsprudel – Naturally from the Black Forest

As the name suggests, the mineral water at Schwarzwald-Sprudel comes from selected springs from the depths of the Black Forest.

For many years, the Schwarzwald-Sprudel brand has stood for high quality. Anyone who buys Schwarzwald-Sprudel knows exactly what they are getting: high-quality fruit drinks and the finest mineral water from the region.

Our task was to communicate these high product standards and the associated quality claim of the brand to its community on Facebook. The solution was to highlight individual quality features using ingredients that would vividly present the high-quality messaging. A few examples of the results of the implementation can be seen here:

According to the motto ‘Thekengeheimnisse’ (sharing secrets at a bar), we also presented the Schwarzwald-Sprudel Bar Edition on Facebook. With its three different variants (Tonic Water, Wildberry, and Bitter Lemon), we promoted the Bar Edition not only through using creative visuals but always also with a tasty drink recipe for each specific version. By doing this, we gave a little added value for the followers of the Schwarzwald-Sprudel brand in addition to the informational content. The colorful background coordinated with the bottles made for eye-catching posts, which the audience responded to very positively.

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