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Voedseltuin Boxtel 





Community Causes

A Garden That Offers More Than Just Food & Flowers


De voedseltuin’ (The Food Garden) is a foundation purely run by volunteers. The mission is to produce fresh fruit and vegetables every week for the clients and community of the Food Bank for Boxtel e.o. and for organizations with the same objectives. In addition, the Food Garden offers opportunities to people who are at a distance from the labor market, by offering them a work experience placement with guidance. Thirdly, biodiversity in the neighborhood benefits hugely because of the garden. Insects such as bugs, butterflies, and bees thrive on the existence of the garden, which in turn affects the bird population and begins the circle of natural life in the area.

Why It Matters:

“For me, de voedseltuin is a great example of how a small idea can make an impact on so many levels. Fresh food for those who can’t afford it, a job (and with that a purpose) for those who can’t manage in the labor market on their own, and great benefits for the environment, here in my own hometown. All because someone decided to create a garden on a piece of ground that was already there. It helps me to remind myself that something relatively small can make a big difference and that sometimes the simplest ideas are the greatest ones. In both my personal life and my life at LEWIS, that’s a great reminder.” Carla van Dulmen , Creative Project Manager, LEWIS Eidenhoven. 

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