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VZW Stop Darmkanker




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VZW Stop Darmkanker


The effects of colon cancer are devastating. In Belgium, every 5 days people die as a result of colon cancer. Fortunately, this figure can drop sharply, as early detection can cure 90% of colon cancer patients. That is why Stop Colon Cancer wants to encourage people from the age of 51 to perform a simple bowel movement test. However, as the nature of this topic is taboo for many reasons, this is no easy task. LEWIS partnered with Stop Colon Cancer to spread awareness of its,  potentially, life-saving initiative.


Often, taking the time for self-care does not come naturally to us. However, what does come naturally to people is the action of taking care of others, especially those we love.

That is why together with Stop Darmkanker and advertising agency LDV, LEWIS launched the “Shitty Friend” campaign in February 2019.

We called on people to become ‘Shitty Friends’ for their loved ones over the age of 51. With the help of original birthday cards, your Shitty Friend can wish you a happy birthday every year and recommend a bowel movement test. More information of the initiative can be found here.



The launch of the campaign was successful, with broad coverage on national broadcast media, on and offline media. The campaign resulted in 750 “Shitty Friends” subscribing to the service. With the help of some local famous faces, such as Sven Ornelis, Maggie De Block, Goedele Liekens, Kathleen Cools and Geert Hoste, as well as a host of carefully selected influencers, the campaign achieved great coverage on social media.


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