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Community Causes

Granting Final Wishes


WensAmbulance (Wish Ambulance) Brabant takes terminally ill people to their favourite place one last time. Activities such as visiting the family home, seeing relatives, or going to the beach could seem like the most simple of wishes, but for people who don’t have long to live, it’s not always that easy.

On the day, volunteers, family members, and ambulances with equipment accompany the person as they fulfill their wish. WensAmbulance Brabant transports people from North Brabant and neighboring regions from hospices, hospitals, nursing homes and from home. A wish can last all day.

De WensAmbulance currently has 5 ambulances at its disposal. A final wish often has little to do with material things. The volunteers of the WensAmbulance know this like no other. People are truly happy when they do things together, when they feel connected when they look forward to something together and make beautiful lasting memories with loved ones.

Why it matters:

De WensAmbulance Brabant Foundation is run by 160 volunteers. The majority of applicants are aged between 40 and 70 years old. It mostly concerns cancer patients, but also people with MS, ALS or diseases that result in a lack of mobility. There are five adapted ambulances, with large windows, room for two passengers, and a trailer for an adapted bed. A wish can be local, such as a family visit in their home town or a local beach. The charity does also offer more national trips to museums and nature reserves across The Netherlands and on occasion, even international to London or France!

No money is asked for the deployment of the Wensambulance and the escorts. An average request for help costs €250. The foundation’s income consists entirely of donations and gifts from companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations. This is why the donation from the LEWIS causes profile is so important.

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