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Community Causes

Supporting parents from day one.


Wolkinmijnhoofd is a Ghent-based organization that is committed to Perinatal Mental Health. It consists of a large network of different services at UZGent and aims to improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of mental health problems during pregnancy amongst women up to one year after delivery.

Why It Matters

A lot of young women with newborn babies or young children are still afraid of admitting that being a mom is not always like a fairytale. Having baby blues, or even postnatal depression is still seen as taboo in society, despite 1 out of 5 women experiencing such feelings.

Wolkinmijnhoofd offers help, support, and understanding for both parents suffering as of day one of pregnancy. The organization facilitates an environment where parents who have conflicting feelings are supported, tips are shared and most importantly, they ensure that all feelings are recognized.

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