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Women Helping Women




Community Causes

Preventing Gender-Based Violence and Empowering ALL Survivors


Founded in 1973, Women Helping Women (WHW) is a 501(c)(3) organization that prevents gender-based violence and empowers all survivors. WHW provides comprehensive services to the region to respond to and prevent youth dating and sexual violence and adult domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking throughout counties in Southwestern Ohio. Serving over 15,000 clients annually, WHW operates from a survivor-centric public health framework and promotes diversity and inclusion as its core operating values.

WHW’s Prevent & Empower Program trains professionals on gender-based violence and effective response. The overall goal is to ensure that community members will appropriately identify abuse and intervene to increase survivor safety.

Why It Matters

2020 was a particularly challenging year for gender-based violence thanks to a global pandemic, rise in unemployment and underemployment, working and schooling from home, and increases in systemic and structural racism. Sadly, 2021 isn’t looking any better.

LEWIS supports WHW through its Causes program and recognizes the blessing this organization is to victims, survivors and their families — empowering them to prevent future violence. Their services include crisis hotlines, court advocacy, intervention, legal aid, financial support and more. They have partnerships with law enforcement, schools across multiple counties, and free and confidential on-campus advocacy for college students.

If you suspect that someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please reach out to WHW for support. Violence kills, but so does silence.

My hometown of Cincinnati is on-trend for the deadliest year in over 20 years for the murder of women. During this time, Women Helping Women saw a 53% increase in hotline calls and a 23% increase in survivors. 79% of survivors have small children who witnessed this violence.

– Leslie Myrell, VP of Strategic Integrated Accounts at LEWIS

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