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YAR Vlaanderen




Giving support to young people


YAR Vlaanderen makes a difference in the lives of young people between 15 and 21 years old who are struggling in different areas of life. They offer these young people an opportunity to get their lives back on track. Two programs are at the heart of their work: ’YAR Coaching’ and ’YAR Housing’. These programs allow young people to experience that they themselves are responsible for their choices and that making conscious choices is the first step to take their life or housing situation in their own hands. Participants get a reboot in life, believing that they have a new chance at making something of themselves, no matter their past or circumstances. Personal development, in a sense of taking full ownership of their lives and more particularly their future, is the first foundational pillar of their work. Strengthening the social network is the second pillar of their programs. Creating a network around young people is crucial in the personal development work they do.

Why it matters:

Young people in trouble isn’t a widely discussed matter, as it’s not a visible problem. A lot of young people want to take care of their problems, but they don’t know how, or they don’t have the means to do so on their own. The volunteers are committed to helping these young people in difficulty, something they should be admired for. That’s why both the young people in trouble and the committed volunteers deserve to be supported. We support the programs of YAR Vlaanderen and recognize the blessing this organization is to young people. On the one hand, it is very sad to hear what some young people must go through. On the other, it is heartwarming to hear and see what volunteers at YAR Vlaanderen are doing to help them in the right way and not just by giving money or material stuff.

“I am surrounded by people who are committed to helping young people in difficulty. Wherever I can, I try to do my bit to make a difference, but, unfortunately, I often feel like my input is still limited to something as small as a donation of old clothes every once in a while. It is for this reason that I am so excited by the opportunity through the LEWIS causes program to offer this donation to support them even more” Team LEWIS Senior Account Executive –  Julie Galot 

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