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ZSC Broechem





Community Causes

Teaching children to sail


Founded 35 years ago, ZSC Broechem has introduced hundreds of people of all ages to the wonderful world of sailing. It’s a well-known fact that being out in the elements is important for mental and physical wellbeing. Thanks to the voluntary work of the coaches and supporting staff, children from all backgrounds are able to learn how to sail and master this unique sport. ‘All backgrounds’ is not entirely true though, the club has long wanted to initiate the G Sailing project. A project through which disabled children (mentally or physically) would also get the chance to take up this wonderful sport. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, impact funds for this project dried up and it was put on the shelf for better times to come.

Why it matters:

At LEWIS we strive to create an inclusive work environment. A place where everyone is welcome, can thrive and feels valued. Where we can, LEWIS seeks to support other organizations in becoming that same environment. Thanks to our support, ZSC Broechem will be able to revitalize the G Sailing project and adjusted equipment will be purchased. Soon children who would normally have no access to sailing will be able to go on the water and enjoy this amazing sport.

“Being a passionate sailor myself I am thrilled to know that – thanks to the LEWIS charity program – the doors will open for a group of children who would otherwise not have been able to experience the sensational sailing feeling.”  LEWIS Vice President – Jeroen Rigole

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