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When looking at the Quadranet website, the first thing we wanted to measure was how engaged a user is once they arrive and then look at how they have arrived.

The data we have analysed clearly shows that when a user arrives on site, they invest a significant amount of time (more than 8 minutes) on site, and visit a large number of pages (16) in every session, more than double that number of pages that users visit on competitor sites (Zonal, Tissl, EposNow).

Upon arrival there is a clear interest in learning more about Quadranet which is extremely encouraging. In addition, a bounce rate (the % of users that land on a page and leave without taking any further action) of 15% shows that users that find the site want to find out more about the solution.

The overall number of monthly visits (circa 30,000) is significantly lower than EposNow (116,000) and slightly less than Zonal (circa 50,000), with both competitors having considerably more unique monthly visitors.

Traffic to the site clearly comes from two sources, Direct (where a user has existing knowledge of the business and site and types it straight in to a website) which accounts for 97% of all traffic; and organic search (discovery of the brand through searching for related topics and/or the brand via search engines) the remaining 3%.

The weighting towards either already being aware of the business, or finding it organically means that there is a considerable opportunity to expand other marketing channels including email, social media and referral.


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Your current User Experience

We know that when someone arrives on your site, they spend a significant amount of time and also visit a large number of pages.

However, for a site with a limited number of pages, it is likely that this could be predicated on a user trying to and not being able to find certain information to either, inform them of what is possible with Quadranet, or provide them with more information.

The video below goes through some initial findings from a user experience review.