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Today’s marketers and senior business leaders struggle to get a true picture of their marketing mix. Although they have access to a wealth of information, it’s difficult to identify and understand the links. Many organizations remain analytical in their approach, focusing solely on the “drill-down”, rather than mastering the “look-across” needed to join the dots. Twenty-first-century leadership demands the skills to do both. This is why we’re back with the second annual Global Marketing Engagement Index.

Using our improved LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker (LEWIS MET) methodology, we measure the impact and success of the marketing mix on overall revenue and brand awareness. We reveal the performance of many factors by interpreting key metrics across the marketing spectrum: websites, paid search copy, and social media, to personalization, analytics and security.

In the LEWIS Global Marketing Engagement Index, we analyzed the top 300 from the ‘Forbes Global 2000: The World’s Largest Public Companies.’ This index reveals critical insights, such as where brands are both strong and weak, challenged or exposed in their marketing engagement. With our tool, companies can quantitatively compare the success of their marketing engagement, both within their industry and with players in other sectors.


In this year’s report, we identified a positive trend between MET score and margin. Find out the performance of the largest global businesses across the marketing spectrum from websites, paid search copy, and social media, to personalization, analytics, and security. See the data with your own eyes by downloading your copy. The marketing index covers:

  • Why the U.S. continues to dominate the Global Top 10
  • How digital marketing performance is linked to profitability
  • Why established companies excel at marketing engagement
  • Which digital marketing tools companies across the world are failing to take advantage of
  • Why the company website must be treated as a critical piece of infrastructure


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker, American business mogul and marketing pioneer

Executive Summary

  • #1 company in the LEWIS Global Marketing Engagement Index: IBM
  • Firms in the Americas and EMEA outperformed brands from APAC
  • The bigger the company, the slower it is to respond to enquiries, especially across email and social. However, older companies had better response rates to enquiries across phone, social and email
  • The use and adoption of autonomous tools (e.g chatbots) was low, despite poor response times across multiple channels
  • 57% of the top 300 brands are not using paid ads to serve specific marketing campaign information to drive traffic
  • One third of firms did not either use website video or custom conversions on their website
  • Half of the 300 brands appear to not be using marketing automation

About Quantified Engagement

By leveraging marketing analytics, the report outlines who is winning the engagement battle, as well where brands have opportunities to engage with their customers wherever they are. It provides marketers with the ability to both look across the entire marketing engagement spectrum (the parenthesis) and look down at specific marketing touch points (the analytical). By taking on a data-driven approach, we believe the LEWIS MET brokers a new era of sales and marketing – Quantified Engagement.

Curious about our inaugural report? Check out The Global Marketing Engagement Index 2018.

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