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The LEWIS+ Partner Programme

LEWIS+ agencies are more than just partners.

They are a unique network of independent agencies, with shared values and best practices. They are part of our team and we are part of theirs.

But not just anyone can be part of the agency network. These PR, marketing and advertising firms were chosen based on their expertise and experience, and their high-quality client service.
A client can be sure that a LEWIS partner
delivers the same level of service as we do, on all levels. 

The purpose of LEWIS+ is to extend our global coverage beyond our 27 wholly-owned offices into additional markets.  This means that wherever you are, we have an expert team on hand and ready to help.

The LEWIS+ Affiliate Partner network consists of 12 agencies covering another 21 countries - take a look and find out more about them below.
Austria – Reiter PR
Czech Republic – PRAM Consulting
Denmark – Radius Kommunikation
Israel – Allmedia 
Russia – PR Partner
Switzerland – Jenni Kommunikation
Turkey – F5 Communications Management
Korea – Min Communications
Taiwan – Cross PR 

Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru – Marketcross
Brazil – RMA
Mexico – Marketing Q
In addition, LEWIS has partnerships with a further 20 agencies across EMEA, Asia and Latin America. Through this extended network, we are able to deliver communications services to 80 countries worldwide. Clients can use localised content to engage their target audience - regardless of location, language or time zone.

Click on the links below to find out more about local offices, or get in touch.
Finland – Netprofile 
Lithuania – INK agency
Luxembourg – SER Communications
Norway – PR-Operatørene
Romania – TOTAL PR
South Africa – Butterknife PR and 
Grapevine Communications
Sweden – Inmema PR

Additional EMEA countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE – Action PR 
Indonesia – Fortune PR
Japan – Kyodo
Philippines – Ardent Communications
Thailand – Spark Communications

Colombia – MB Comunicaciones - Relaciones Públicas 
Peru – Gabinete Cotrina
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