Rachel Egan - Untitled 1-3. Featured work at the Orbital Initiative London

Orbital London

Orbital is a project that provides emerging artists, including Chelsea college students and alumni, with the opportunity to display work in LEWIS offices worldwide. 

Orbital Galleries allow the circulation of artwork over distance and geographical locations. The display spaces, LEWIS offices around the world, are not traditional exhibitions space, nor open to the public except by appointment. This unexpected setting leads to greater engagement and impact from the exhibitions.

The Galleries are funded by the Kupambana Foundation, and made possible through its partnership with the Chelsea College of Arts, London.

Read more about the Kupambana Foundation and its goals.

Orbital London - Featured Work

Rachel Egans Paintings

Rachel Egans, Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3.

Oil on Canvas. 2015 - 2016.

Artist's statement: "At the core of my practice is experimentation; reducing painting to its basic elements - wood, liquid, pigment and fabric - and reconstructing it into new forms.  I don’t plan outcomes, instead I try to let the material speak. I respond and scrutinize.  My aim is to watch and allow chance-happenings, without a sense of hierarchy between my actions and those of the materials."

Visit Rachel's website.

More Work Currently Displayed in Orbital London

Emails flying out of a smart phone. Leonie Brandner, Whether It’s The Weather, digital print, 2016.
Art Prints by Madeline Jane DowdMadeline Jane Dowd, Untitled, digital print, 2016.
Jieun Lee artist working with screen printingJieun Lee, The Process Machine, screen print, 2016.

Creativity, LEWIS and Orbital

Art and creativity are intrinsically linked. Read more insights about creativity, Kupambana and its relationship to LEWIS.

Visit Orbital London

Orbital is headquarted on the 22nd floor of Millbank Tower. Orbital can be visited by appointment only.  
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