LEWIS Communications Agency worked with Alzheimer SOCKS for charity.

Alzheimer Socks


Working with the Alzheimer Lab and N=5, LEWIS raised awareness to break taboos and raise money for research.

It’s not every day that the star of a PR campaign is a pair of socks. But these were no ordinary socks. These were #AlzheimerSOCKS. Created by two of Holland's top fashion designers, Frans Molenaar and Mart Visser, the socks were designed to be mismatched. This symbolised the confusion Alzheimer patients struggle with every day.
Our brief was to help develop a creative concept that raised Alzheimer's awareness. The aim was to educate, capture the imagination and prompt the target audience to publicly show its support for those affected by the disease.

Alzheimer Socks English from N=5 on Vimeo.

We pitched stories and interviews with researchers, patients and relatives. This put Alzheimer’s disease on the public agenda. Socks were sent to celebrities, journalists and influencers. 

The result was that #AlzheimerSOCKS became a trending topic on social media. Celebrities, politicians and consumers shared photos of their socks.

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