Creative video client case study - F-Secure



A creative movie to aid the fight for digital freedom, and the end of GameOver Zeus.

F-Secure wanted to tell the story of the GameOver Zeus botnet – a malware that uses peer-to-peer communication systems infect computers and extract financial information.

Based on its use in banking fraud and distribution of ransomware, in 2015 the FBI announced a $3 million reward in exchange for information regarding specific cyber-criminals, backed by Interpol and other bodies. Losses from GameOverZeus in 2014 were estimated at more than $100 million.

F-Secure challenged LEWIS to create a video that would speak to all levels and groups of people involved in identifying and disarming the virus-like network.

The video needed to engage everyone from the consumer, whose computer could be infected, to the security professionals who manage fleets of machines, all the way to industry thought-leaders, who could reference it in content and features. As a result, it needed to be informative and convey the severity of the situation, whilst also being punchy, engaging and shareable.

The decision was taken to create a faux movie trailer wherein the the hackers were portrayed as villains, the authorities as the good guys and the users as the victims. The result was a video that was entertaining and started conversations, but also painted the picture that GameOver Zeus is a very a real threat that the online community needs to take seriously.

The video raised awareness with online audiences and through word-of-mouth, and gained 130,000+ views in its first 18 months online.

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