Gigaset Awards


To increase awareness of Gigaset’s key telephone products in a declining market, LEWIS created three social media videos that captured and inspired customer interest, and defined modern communications for three distinct products. The videos were published organically and supported by paid social on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Due to optimizations, LEWIS significantly reduced the cost per full view and boosted the best performing video, and in addition, raised maximum awareness. 



In order to increase product awareness among target niche audiences on social media and create a qualitative difference in the commoditized marketplace, LEWIS devised a campaign that focused on the USPs of each product for the end-user: sound, design and robustness. Crucial in this campaign was target group-specific video content that depicted Gigaset’s niche audiences in everyday situations using its three key products, which was then pushed through targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The three phones at a glance:

Gigaset HX / USP: Perfect sound quality. The video shows a singer in a music class with her vocal coach.

Gigaset Sculpture CL750 / USP: Smart design. The video shows the dance of an expressive young woman.

Gigaset E630 / USP: Robustness. The video shows a craftsman in his workshop.

Campaign Boost

After the initial phase of publishing and promoting these videos, the next step was to select the videos with the most views and with best possible targeting categories, then re-launch them. Meticulous optimization based on key metrics, such as performance per device or best performing days of the week, helped optimize the campaign and achieve the best possible ROI.


Campaign results:

  • Optimization resulted in minimal cost-per-view
  • More than 4,000,000 impressions
  • More than 1,142.00 full-views - 20% of these views were achieved organically
  • The Gigaset Sculpture CL750 video was also shown in the Allianz Arena during matches of FC Bayern Munich in the 2016/17 season
  • Recognised by three major international Awards

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