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MuleSoft has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in enterprise software by providing a platform that connects any application, API or data source. 

With integration becoming a crucial part of every business, the company needed to develop a narrative that would resonate with business leaders and CIOs. 

Building on its developer base and strong voice with the IT trade press, LEWIS was tasked with defining a new and engaging company narrative whilst establishing MuleSoft as a market leader.


An executive thought leadership platform was created for both the company’s CEO and founder to increase visibility with business and tech audiences. This would help to position MuleSoft as an industry leader and the integration platform of choice. Alongside this, the team helped with the development of MuleSoft’s customer programmes and proprietary research campaign.


The team built a communications campaign based around employment and workplace trends, and technology leadership for MuleSoft’s CEO, Greg Schott. By highlighting his unique perspective on these topics, journalists were familiarised with MuleSoft’s growth trajectory and a number of in-person interviews were secured. These publications included Bloomberg, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle and Reuters.

The team utilised a content-focused approach for the company's founder, Ross Mason, developing thought leadership articles, writing rapid response commentaries and elevating his profile on LinkedIn. This visibility campaign focused on trends and breaking news relating to how connectivity fuels business. As a result, LEWIS managed to place bylines in top publications that included The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur, and multiple commentaries in publications such as Forbes and Computerworld.

The media programme was supplemented throughout with proprietary research, delivered by LEWIS’ own DC research arm. Together the teams created a survey aimed at IT decision makers covering IT priorities, APIs and the cloud, and later delivering a full report around the results.


  • 91% increase in top-tier business press interviews
  • 36% increase in total business coverage over two years.
    Interviews and comments gained coverage in publications including The Wall Street Journal
    , Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, FortuneBusiness Insider, CIO, and San Francisco Chronicle.
  • MuleSoft's founder, Ross Mason, saw great success with the LinkedIn visibility programme. The first five posts drew over 143,000 views, 2,100 likes and over 700 shares.
  • The research report was one of the top-performing pieces of content on MuleSoft’s website to date.


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