PR Case Study for Splunk by LEWIS Global Communications Agency.



Splunk, a multi-product software provider, selected LEWIS take the company through its IPO process. The key goal was to reposition Splunk as a big data leader and the first big data company to go public.

Splunk was the leader in Operational Intelligence, a new term coined to describe its ability to analyze vast amounts of automated data in real time. However the press believed Splunk to be just another business intelligence player, with nothing new to bring to the table.  
The PR team’s mission was clear: mobilize the company’s technical leaders to get in front of the tech media’s elite. We needed show them how this fast-growing startup was changing the way IT teams operated. LEWIS developed a corporate narrative, ‘every company is a data company’, to show how Splunk was relevant to every organization. We were able to demonstrate that Operational Intelligence was important and relevant to the Big data discussion, as well as establish Splunk as a resource for future Big Data stories.
Four years later...

LEWIS supports Splunk in the US and EMEA, and provides international coordination around the globe. LEWIS continues to evolve the campaign so that we can stay focused on Splunk’s business goals and communications needs.

As a growing company shifts focus, most recently we have worked on:
  • Crafting Splunk’s security story and putting the team on the map for security
  • Identifying subject matter expertise for executives and developing the executive platforms for the key spokespeople
  • Obtaining many of Splunk’s high-profile award opportunities, including a three-year run in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies
  • Accelerating visibility for the company’s annual user conference around the world, .conf, with triple-digit coverage in top tier publications in the US, alone. LEWIS has also supported Splunk on the ground at the event, running social media efforts  
  • From one recent product launch, Splunk saw web traffic double on launch day and continue days later with the number of unique visitors doubling, and product signups increasing threefold.

The Splunk IPO was ranked one of the best of 2012. Splunk is now consistently ranked as one of the world’s top ten most innovative companies in Big Data. The campaign achieves consistent coverage in tier-one business, technology and vertical media outlets with roughly 80% of all coverage focused on Big Data.​​

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