Holmes Report Website Showing on Computer - Case Study

The Holmes Report


The Holmes Report is a comprehensive online source of knowledge and information about the PR industry, including case studies, news pieces original research and reporting.

The Holmes Report was looking for more than just a new website.  It was looking for a complete business platform that would reflect the authority and editorial quality of the publication itself.

LEWIS was tasked with constructing a site that was visually attractive, easy to use, and would encourage users to return.

Using a powerful CMS platform, Sitefinity, the website was designed to provide a seamless user experience, and boost content consumption and engagement. A number of smart features were built into the site to facilitate this, including:

  • A completely responsive design – to ensure Holmes’ site would work smoothly on mobile, tablet and desktop and ensure a positive user experience, regardless of device
  • Highly visual design - including unique dynamic list vs card view allowing the user to toggle between content layout views to suit their preference.
  • Intelligent tag-based platform – interlinking content across the site including authors, content types and editorial themes. Surfacing linked content in dedicated areas helped to reduce user effort by eliminating the need to manually search for related content.
  • New jobs section – easily controlled by agencies via a dedicated administration section

In line with Holmes’ new commercial model, which included a revamped agency playbook, the website also included updated agency pages that dynamically pulled in their Twitter feeds and social content.

As a result of a better user experience, Holmes Report’s traffic figures improved greatly.

Average session duration increased by almost a minute and bounce rate also fell. Two years on from the re-launch, monthly visits have increased by 30,000 and Holmes’ site is a leading source of industry news and insights. 

Website Case Study Screenshots

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