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19 November 2018



AMEC Measurement Month 2018

In the modern world everyone and everything is connected, so when a consumer wants to engage with a brand, marketers must be ready and flexible. In order to achieve this, more data and insights are needed than ever before.

Whilst the use of analytics is quickly growing, the algorithm culture has remained siloed, but not anymore. Welcome to the age of quantified engagement.

Join Giles Peddy, SVP EMEA Corporate Development at LEWIS, and Gerard McNamara, VP EMEA at TrendKite, in a one hour webinar as part of AMEC Measurement Month. Giles will explain how the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker (MET) allows brands to quantify their engagement and gain practical insights. He’ll also explore the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Index 2018 and learn lessons from some of the world’s biggest brands, discovering what it means to be a marketer in the age of quantified engagement. Gerard will discuss using technology and analytics to support quantified engagement and to better optimise and enhance marketing and communication programmes.

This webinar is now closed, but you can watch the webcast here.