Corporate issues and crises can seriously impact long-term reputation and threaten organisations’ ability to operate. Having crisis mitigation and response strategies in place are a must.

Crises can happen out of the blue, but can also arise when smaller issues are left unaddressed. Left to fester, a seemingly minor issue can chip away at your hard-earned reputation and snowball into a corporate catastrophe.

LEWIS is here to help.

We help clients identify, manage and mitigate reputational risks. The team
 provides senior counsel to help prevent slow-burn issues suddenly igniting.

LEWIS equips clients with the capabilities, materials and processes required to efficiently and effectively manage difficult situations. That means working closely with both senior management and communications teams to ensure reputation is front and centre when operational actions are being determined. Access to our in-house digital experts means we are equipped to advise on both online and offline crises.

We help clients to define reputational objectives, assess the concerns of business-critical audiences and influencers, and develop channel planning strategies. 

We act as an extension of our clients’ teams when they are under pressure. We are available 24/7 and our experienced consultants are ready and able to provide outsourced media relations support, undertake stakeholder engagement and clearly and succinctly analyse responses to the situation at hand. 

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  • Reputation risk assessments

  • Crisis resilience audits

  • Plan:

  • Crisis management and crisis communications plans

  • Online crisis planning

  • Stakeholder mapping and relationship-building

  • Train:

  • Crisis media training

  • Desktop exercises and full-scale simulation to educate and test senior management and communications teams 

  • Relative response training

  • Training to manage social media in a crisis

  •  Handle:

  • Strategic counsel

  • Chief of staff roles to support the CEO or Communications Director

  • Outsourced press office

  • Digital response including channel management and SEO strategy

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Monitoring, analysis and resulting recommendations to feed into response strategy

  • Crisis call-out guaranteeing a named team with knowledge of the clients’ business and procedures

  • Recover:

  • Post-incident review

  • Perception audits

  • Reputation recovery strategy and implementation