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The Creative Passcode: Unlocking A New Work Environment

Nancy Samahito
Published on November 08, 2015
By Nancy Samahito

Consumer demand for mobile technology has never been higher.

On launch weekend alone, Apple sold over 3 million units of its new devices, reaching a new record in tablet sales.

 As the popularity of mobile tech continues to grow, more and more collaboration tools and productivity apps are beginning to emerge. In turn, many businesses are adopting the use of portable technology to improve corporate practices and internal communications.

 But how do tablets create a more engaging work environment? And what benefits come from using mobile technology at work? 

Here are four top reasons why innovative brands are turning to devices like the iPad to power-up their team’s creative energy:

1.  Portability = Productivity

Being stuck in a chair and staring at the same screen for eight hours straight is no longer the norm of a modern day work environment. Working in different spaces offers employees a chance to clear their minds and avoid running into roadblocks during work hours.

Tablets provide users with the flexibility to quickly move around from place to place and still stay connected with team members throughout the day (without the hassle of carrying around power cords or overweight devices).

2.    Visual storytelling is made easy.

With the development of retina displays and fast processing technology on tablet devices, visual presentations, image capturing and video playbacks are more stunning than ever. Tablet screens showcase images with the best resolution and highest pixel quality making it easy for visual learners to quickly grasp concepts and ideas. In addition, the ability to design, save and share media becomes increasingly simple with apps like Adobe Ideas, Pages, Dropbox and more.

3.    Team work is organized and seamless.

Collaboration is simple when done with a tablet.  From five-way video conferencing with apps like Cisco Webex, to real-time, multi-user collaboration platforms like Podio, tablet technology has revolutionized the definition of group work.  Instead of having a team member take notes, apps will instantaneously save work to the cloud for protected, multi-user access.

4.    Tablets are modern-day  Swiss Army knives.

From browsing the web to checking email, cloud computing and overseas video conferencing, tablet technology makes it easy for workers to complete a variety of tasks with one device. Whether using it as a word processor, a HD video recorder, a screen projector or a telephone, the tablet is a one-stop-shop for almost all business needs.

5.    Apps Can Make You More Creative. 

Whether you're building your brain with an app, or practising your drawing skills, having access to creative technology can make you more creative.

In addition, it’s fun to use, making work more entertaining and enjoyable.

A version of this post was published in 2012.

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