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Rachel Rayner

Published on

October 12, 2015


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Events are a big deal. Months of planning, speakers and giveaways organised, a location secured, and excited attendees who have travelled or paid big bucks to be there. So why should you give the event away for free on Periscope? Here are five compelling reasons why you should Periscope your next event.

5 reasons you should Periscope your next event

1. It won’t cost you anything

With a potential audience of millions, and a cost of nothing, adding Periscope to your next event is a no-brainer. And no, you’re unlikely to miss out on ticket sales if you stream the event: part of the fun of attending events is networking, which is much trickier to do online.

2. Increase attendees

Events are limited in size by a number of factors – from timing constraints to the number of people you can fit into the venue. With 10 million Periscope users, your event is no longer limited by time and space.

3. Create rich content for later

We’ve all heard the “rule of five” – for each piece of content, present it in five different ways. Periscoping an event is a great first step. Here are some ideas to get you started with the video:

  • Grab screenshots and quotes for social media
  • Add clips to YouTube
  • Create a SlideShare presentation
  • Write a blog post based on the event – with embedded video
  • Contact the attendees and encourage them to download content or reach out to prospects

4. Curate questions

Ever attended a great conference session, which is completely derailed by the question time? Periscope comments let you curate questions, and ask the ones which will be most relevant to the audience as a whole, not the one person who is trying to “subtly” solicit a publisher for his novel from the audience (true story!).

5. Add a different point of view

Give your Periscope followers a different view of the event than those sitting in the audience. Go behind the scenes, humanise your brand by chatting to the CEO, or host a separate Q&A after the main event.

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