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Rachel Rayner

Published on

October 27, 2015


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You’ve probably used live-streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat to view or broadcast an event. It’s the first thing we think of when we think of the app, but there’s a lot more ways to use it than just watching events. Here’s six ways you’re not (yet) using Periscope.

1. Product Launches

Unbox your new widget to a worldwide audience. Take thousands for a test drive. Periscope gives a personal, in-the-moment look at a product. If you’re not ready to reveal everything, consider hosting a “sneak peek” on Periscope. The feedback in the comments can be an invaluable resource, letting you know whether you need to tweak your message prior to general launch.

2. Behind the scenes tours

Take your fans behind the scenes. Whether your ‘behind the scenes’ is backstage at a live show, the factory floor, or a one-on-thousands chat with a developer rockstar, you can showcase what’s unique about your company or your product. The British Museum took Periscope users for a tour of the exhibition Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art guided by TV historian Dan Snow. The video is sure to have enticed people into the museum – maybe with their smartphones, so they could watch a recording while viewing the statues in real life.

3. Emergencies and Announcements

Deal with a brand emergency in a transparent and genuine way. Users will be able to ask questions – and see them being answered in an immediate, honest way. Or highlight a big announcement, like Adidas did when Periscoping Columbian football star James Rodríguez signing a contract extension.

4. Tutorials and Webinars

Show off what’s cool about your product in a Periscope tutorial or webinar. Instead of the traditional slideshow-with-voiceover webinar, let viewers experience your product in real time, through your eyes. Let them ask questions, give hearts to show what they love best – a great user experience, and valuable data for you.

5. Humanise your brand

How often does your audience get to sit down with your CEO? Periscope can give them the opportunity. Putting a human face on your brand is a great way of letting your audience get to know you on a different level. Think about giving a virtual office tour during a recruitment drive, or rewarding a high-performing team by giving them an afternoon off to produce something great on Periscope.

6. Keep an eye on the competition

Virtually attending your competitor’s events means no awkward small talk with their employees, and no explaining to your boss why you need to expense the ticket price! Plus, it’s less of a commitment: once you’re satisfied your brand is still the best, you can just close the app.

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