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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

February 5, 2016


This Week in Social

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all hinted at updates this week in social media news. Plus, a new meme is born. Read on for more!

Geared Up For GIFs

Has the new GIF button popped up for you yet? Following the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter is currently testing the ability to share ready-made GIFs with Tweets.

Keeping Up With The Twitterstorms

The new way in which posts appear on your timeline means that after clicking on a Tweet; the full conversation is revealed in a separate window. The change is designed to help users follow long conversations with ease.

Tweets In Decline

A sample from Twitter’s API has recently revealed that the number of Tweets posted on a daily basis, has dropped by more than 50% since 2014.


New News Feed Order

Once again, the News Feed algorithm has been altered to change which posts appear at the top of your feed. Prioritised posts will be determined by the likelihood of both interest and engagement.

Carpool With Facebook
Confirmed you’re attending to that party, but haven’t organised how you’re getting there – or who with? It may not be long until Facebook helps with a ride-sharing feature on its ‘Events’ page.

Multiple Account Support
For those who own more than one Instagram account – you’re life may get a little bit easier! The channel is giving users on iOS the ability to switch between different accounts when posting.

Live VR Streaming

YouTube is reportedly planning to introduce live, 360-degree virtual reality videos to deliver a truly immersive experience for viewers.

Sixty-Second Spots

Marketers have the opportunity to produce sixty-second ads on Instagram as the new feature begins to roll out across the US. The first brands to get involved are T-Mobile and Warner Bros.

Social Winner
Hook Your SoleMate

Ted Baker has a digitally driven approach to Valentine’s Day and launched a gaming website. The pun-filled, psychedelic microsite offers prizes for those lucky in love, and the opportunity to play more than once a day for those who share on social profiles. It’s easy to get hooked!

A Meme in the Making

When an intern fell asleep at his new job, his coworkers saw it as a perfect opportunity to gently ridicule and make him internet-famous! A great example of the power of social media and it’s snowball effect…

Social Loser
#EmojiNo HoF

House of Fraser launched an off-the-wall social strategy for Valentine’s this week that left many sceptical, confused and unimpressed. The #Emojinal campaign may have been trending, but for all the wrong reasons.

Oh Snap…

Nikon awarded a badly photoshopped photo in one of it’s recent social competitions – and the internet went wild!

Creative Spot
Vaseline V Extreme Weather

Vaseline wanted to pay more than just lip service to lip protection. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Vaseline Lip Therapy, two sets of clay lips were exposed to the weather conditions that damage our skin the most.

Mystery Oreo Door

A mysterious giant Oreo door recently appeared in New York City. Was it art? A secret lab? A statement of some sort? No, it was the Oreo Wonder Vault…

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