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Rachel Pritchard

Published on

April 15, 2016



This Week in Social, we’ve seen the major platforms make changes to their algorithms, some big brands make poor choices, and the possibly the most dramatic snack advertising ever. Read on for more…


Musical Moments

Thanks to recent integration with SoundCloud, Twitter Moments are getting a musical makeover!



F8 Highlights

Facebook’s F8 event took place earlier this week with some big changes – see this video for all the highlights on bots, VR, and streaming.

Topics to Watch

A newly released report from Facebook on trending mentions is highlighting the emerging topics of discussion appearing on the channel. Take a look!


Individualised Feeds

Following its recent algorithm change, Instagram has introduced individualised video feeds and channels for its users. This can be found on the revamped Explore page.

Moving Emojis

Snapchat’s new update lets emojis move, rotate and scale in tandem with objects in videos.

Live-Stream Doodle

Periscope beta is testing live-stream doodles. This will allow users to draw annotations on their broadcasts in real-time!


Social Winner

Snaps For Snapchat

According to a new study, teens can’t get enough of Snapchat and it has been named their most popular social network.


Social Losers


Not Suitable For Work, KFC? How about Not Suitable For Social Media? Backlash

After facing outrage from social media users, has pulled ‘freckles’ advert claiming that they’re ‘imperfections’.

Creative Spot

Tostitos Tela Novela

What better way to advertise new spicy chips and dip, than with a four-episode Tela Novela?

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